Yo-Zuri 3D Magnum Floating Deep Diver 7 Inch Extra Deep Diving Crankbait

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Proprietary Polycarbonate body Internal Prism 3D finish Color change technology Heavy duty split rings Through Wire construction

Yo-Zuri R1165-CPBN 3D Magnum Deep Diver Floating Lure, Purple Mackerel : Sports & Outdoors

Yo-Zuri 7 Sashimi 3D Magnum Deep Diving Floating Lure

Rapala Jigging Rap - Señuelo de cebo duro, agua dulce, tamaño 05, 2 pulgadas de longitud, profundidad variable, perla Ehite, paquete de 1, multi (W5PW) : Deportes y Actividades al Aire Libre

7 Deep Diving Crankbait Casting/Trolling Fishing Lure Like Yo-Zuri Hydro Magnum

Dimensiones del paquete: 10.4 in de largo x 2.3 in de ancho x 1.4 in de alto Tipo de producto: anzuelo de pesca País de origen: Filipinas Peso del

Yo-Zuri R1164-CPBN 3D Magnum Trolling Señuelo de hundimiento, Caballa Morada, 7.087 in 7

The Yo-Zuri Sashimi 3D Magnum Deep Diver , Produces incredibly lifelike action, no matter the trolling speed, , thanks to the patented Internal 3D

Yo-Zuri 7 Sashimi 3D Magnum Deep Diving Floating Lure

The 3D Magnum features a tough ABS Resin body, 3X strong treble hooks and through wire construction making it the most durable trolling lure of its type on the market. Yo-Zuri’s proprietary and patented Internal 3D Prism Finish, coupled with our internationally patented Color Change technology, makes these baits stand out in any fishing condition!!! They are designed to be fished with a crimp, loop knot, cable or single strand wire, to give the bait the freedom to swim correctly.

Yo-Zuri 3D Magnum 7 inch Sinking Trolling Lure Flying Fish

Duel Yo-Zuri R1165-CPPO 3D Magnum Deep Diver Floating Lure, Pink/Orange : Sports & Outdoors

Yo-zuri Fishing Lures - Fishing Yo-zuri Deep 4m 6m Bait. Lures Tackle Hard Soft - Aliexpress

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