Duo Drag Metal cast Slow (Length: 60mm, Weight: 40gr, Color

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DUO International Casting Jig Lure DRAG METAL CAST SUPER SLIM SSZ 40g

DUO Metal Cast Super Slim SSZ ( Length: 80mm, Weight: 40gr, Color

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Major Craft Cross Ride 5G Shore Jigging M Series XR5-1002M

Duo Drag Metal Cast Slow Jigs 15g-40g, Cabral Outdoors

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DUO Drag Metal Cast Slow 40gr : , Fishing Tackle Shop

DUO International

DUO International

DUO Drag Metal Cast

DUO Drag Metal Cast Shot is a new extra efficient model designed specifically for shore fishing. Thanks to the transfer of the weight to the rear, it has excellent flight characteristics and allows you to achieve very long casts. A rotating blade on the swivel is added to the treble hook, thanks to which the bait gains another very effective action in any movement - from a fall to a simple reeling.

Drag Metal Cast Shot 60mm/30g / Sardine (PHA0011)

DUO International

DUO Drag Metal Cast Slow Jigging 40gr Color Pda0045 Pink Gold Zebra Glow for sale online

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