Mitchell 4.5:1 Fishing Reels

By A Mystery Man Writer

Mitchell 4.5:1 Fishing Reels

New Mitchell 398 ALU Cast Aluminum Body Spinning Reel - Surf

Mitchell 308 Spinning Fishing Reel 5.1 1 8bb 130yd/8lb Mono Cap

Mitchell Spinning Reel

The Garcia Mitchell Series - Bass Fishing Archives

OKUMA Original Fishing Reel Safina Pro Spinning Reel 6bearings 5.0

Mitchell 4.5:1 Fishing Reels

Mitchell 300PRO Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

Advanced polmeric body and roteris stronger than conventional polymeric and graphite materials. Comfort Touch body coating for comfortable handling during long hours of fishing. Instant anti-reverse for immediate hook sets. High performance gearing for perfect gear mesh, smoothness, and durability. Multi-disc drag system for precise adjustment and consistent performance. Aluminum handle for strength and non flex reliability. Oversized bait wire and line roller for increased strength, durability.

Mitchell 300 Spinning Reel

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