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017M (1) NP

Brass Bolt Snaps, Metal Swivel Bolt Snap Hooks

Products - Snap Hooks - Bolt Snaps - KMS, LLC

Sew-On Snaps, Nickel Gano Sales & Rentals

1 inch Snap Hooks with Side Retainer Mil-Spec MIL-S-43770-2A

Snaps are ideal to use with rope, chain, straps, animal leashes and recreational applications. Both ends have the same size opening. The spring loaded

Everbilt 3-1/2 in. Nickel-Plated Double Bolt Snap 43174 - The Home Depot

Swivel Eye Bolt Snap Hook Nickel Plated (2 Inches X 1 1/4 Inch) 3-pack

This snap hook with a length of 100 mm and an eye diameter of 28 mm combines high strength and cost effectiveness, making it an ideal solution for

Snap Hook Large 100 mm/28 - Chrome Plated

Swivel Large Eye Bolt Snap Hooks 2 Pieces, Heavy

Product Description This handy bolt style snap is made of quality nickel-plated steel with an oval swivel eye. It’s a great piece of hardware to keep

3/4 Nickel-Plated Bolt Snap

1 1/2 Shiny Nickel, Swivel Snap Hook, Zinc Alloy, #P-3138-NIC

1 ½ in Heavy Duty Dull Black Snap Hook - Industrial Snap Hooks

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