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Spro SSS125PRS Sashimmy Swimmer 125 Pearl Shad 651583156822

SWIMBAIT – SPRO Sports Professionals

SASHIMMY SWIMMER 125 – SPRO Sports Professionals

Spro Sashimmy Swimmer Large Mouth Bass Fishing Swimbait

The SPRO Sashimmy Swimmer 125 was designed by Elite Series pro Bryan New. Its three joint construction and four hard-plastic sections create an ultra-realistic S swimming action that mimics the natural movement of baitfish. Engineered for optimal distance, the Sashimmy Swimmer is perfect for reaching schooling fish on the end of a long cast. With a sink rate of 1/2 ft per second, it can be fished quickly at the top of the water column, or retrieved slowly to target suspended fish.

Spro Sashimmy Swimmer 105 Translate Perch

The TRUTH about Jointed Swimbaits (NEW Spro SASHIMMY SWIMMER!!)

SPRO Sashimmy Swimmer 125 – Three Rivers Tackle

SASHIMMY SWIMMER 105 – SPRO Sports Professionals

SPRO Sashimmy Swimmer 105

SPRO Sashimmy Swimmer 125

SPRO Sashimmy Swimmer 125 – Three Rivers Tackle

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